My hobbies,my occupation,my passion :)

Today we are presenting my hobbies and my passion ...

My passion number one is the dance because i like invent choreographies ,my favourite style is hip-hop ,this acrobatics it's great ! It's one of my favourite activities =) 

I like a contemporary dance it's fantastic too !

My book of the moment is....THIS 39 CLUES !! (picture) :

This this the book of the moment extra he had make progress in geography beacause this story abode in the whole world précisely in Usa,France,austria,Italy,Japan,Korea,Russia ,Indonesia,South Africa,China,Caribbean and England :)

I'm seems of travel with them .I had learn much of thing and i discover different culture :)

Story :

Amy and Dan are two teenagers ,they are 14 ans and 11 old .their grand-ma is dead (beaucause she had a Cancer) .This Family (it's giant family) was together too celebrate a dead of the grand-ma .But she had let a testament that propose one million of the dollars OR this hunting of the 39 clues ...

I'm forget of you said : Dan and Amy are poor (their parent is dead too) and thier family not are kind with them but they are rich .

Amy and than is poor ,one million of the dollars is fantastic too them but they have chosen this running of 39 clues that cover one immense power and the future of the world depend the running.

He is very good ,I advises this book too these that aventure =)

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